Know About Frankincense Oil and Its Uses

Know About Frankincense Oil and Its Uses

Nature has bestowed a lot of gifts upon us. If we look closely around us, there are thousands of herbal and organic products available around the world with stunning positive effects. Each one of the herbal products has single or multiple uses and each exhibits its own set of distinct characteristics. Among thousands of such products, Frankincense is another remarkable gift of nature. This post deals with the origin, uses, and advantages of Frankincense and Frankincense oil. Keep reading it to learn all there is to know about it.

Frankincense – What Is It?

Frankincense refers to an aromatic resin. It is obtained from the Genus Boswellia from the family Burseraceae. This aromatic resin is also well known by many other names. Olibanym, Kondoor, Levo’na, etc are all alternate names of Frankincense in Persian, Hebrew, and Arabic references.

It comes in various types. Also, the quality is based on purity, aroma, colour, age, and shape. The raw product is then further processed into several forms of other products and used for several purposes. The most common form in which Frankincense is processed is oil.

Frankincense Oil

As said earlier, Frankincense oil is the most popular form of utilisation of this wonder of nature. Many aromatherapy experts consider it the king of essential oils. The name is quite rightful since it has wide usage and huge benefits. This essential oil is powerful and well known for its characteristic power to rejuvenate and beautify skin. It has to be applied topically and the right application not only helps your skin but also promotes immunity and cellular health. It can also be taken internally. In such cases, it produces a healthy inflammatory response.

Historical Significance Of The Oil

Since ancient times to the present age of modernization, Frankincense oil has been revered and used in the most sacred practices. There is also a biblical reference to it, as it is considered to be gifted to Christ himself when he was born. Thus, many hold it as a prized possession. There is mention of this oil in ancient religious ceremonies as it was used for soothing skin and even as perfume. From historical times to the present day, Frankincense oil is held highly as a treasured possession.

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Uses and Benefits of Frankincense Oil

The advantages of using this oil are numerous. Since it has so many positive aspects, the range of its usage is also quite wide. The following points highlight some of the numerous uses and advantages that Frankincense oil has to offer. Go through them to get a clear idea.

  • Frankincense has an incredible aroma. You can use it as a soothing fragrance for your room. You can make your spray using simple techniques. Get an empty spray bottle. Put 15-20 drops of this oil, 15 drops of grapefruit oil, around 30 drops of Douglas Fir Oil. Add water to fill the rest of the bottle. Shake a little, and voila! Your self-made room spray is ready.
  • The fragrance of Frankincense oil is very soothing. It helps to calm your mind and reduce stress, tension, and even anxiety issues. Many uses in aromatherapy prove its peaceful and relaxing abilities.
  • Frankincense oil can be used for making me razor relief and aftershave lotions as well. Since it already has stunning effects for skin health, you can use it as the ideal serum to soothe razor bumps.
  • Frankincense oil has suitable chemical properties that make it an ideal choice for all skin types. It helps to nourish your skin cells and make them look and feel rejuvenated. It also helps to reduce the imperfections of the skin.
  • Irritated skin and sensitive skin can significantly benefit from using this oil. It soothes the skin and you can feel the difference in appearance as well as feeling for the entire day.
  • If you are into meditation and/or yoga, you can seriously consider the aromatic benefits of this oil. The soothing smell helps reduce anxiety and increases the focus of the mind. You will get a sense of satisfaction and peace during your daily workout or yoga sessions when paired with the aroma of Frankincense oil.
  • Frankincense is proven to promote cellular health and functionality. You can add a couple of drops in a veggie capsule. It will work as a natural supplement and work its way, uplifting, healthy cellular function, and metabolism. Many companies dealing in organic or health-related products actively use Frankincense oil to enhance the ability of their products.
  • If you are troubled by scaly or dry hands during the cold season, you can find the solution in Frankincense. Add a few drops of the oil to the moisturizer of your choice and hydrate your skin. Apart from rejuvenating your skin, it will leave a peaceful and soothing aroma in your hands.
  • You can apply it to your fingernails as well. That would make them feel better and look healthy and clean.
  • The chemical composition of this oil is so designed by nature that it can result in the elimination of negative feelings from your system. People suffering from anxiety, stress, or similar negative mental health conditions can benefit significantly by using Frankincense oil. Whenever you feel life pressurizing you, just apply a few drops of the oil under the sole of your feet. You will feel the relaxing effect almost instantaneously.
  • There are also several other useful techniques for frankincense. You can go online and read the various posts describing further benefits and usages. Since it is capable of uplifting your psyche as well as nourish your body, daily usage of this oil can make a difference in your life.

Summing Up

By now, you must have gathered how deeply Impactful Frankincense oil can be. If you still have any doubts or concerns regarding the usage and effects of this organic wonder, there is nothing to worry about.

Get in touch with the best and most trustable companies. Their support team and description pages would surely come in handy. If you wish to reap the benefits of Frankincense oil to its fullest, order it online today and lead a happy, healthy life.