Is Kumbh Vivah Puja Effective?

kumbh vivah Puja effective

Even though the most commonly seen barrier for the delay in Marriage is Lord Mangal Graha inducing Mangal, Manglik Dosha, Kumbh Vivah Parihar Puja to Eliminate Mangal Dosha / Kuja Dosh at Janma Kundli and Vivah Yog Balam Puja to Eliminate delay in Union due to additional Grahas and this helps decrease the delay by 90 percent and significantly assists in discovering matrimony alliance for organized union and also for love marriage also and contributes to a premature marriage.

A good deal of people don’t know whether they’ve Manglik Dosh within their own Kundli / Horoscope and wonder why is there no delay in Marriage and in locating appropriate matrimony alliance, these flaws are due to Mangal Graha at a Girl or Boys Kundli, so it’s easier to get it checked at advance. After understanding about Manglik Dosha within their Kundli, my customers have been relieved of Manglik Dosha throughout the Manglik Dosh Parihar Puja that is Kumbh Vivah performed under the advice.

Manglik Dosh Parihar Puja is Kumbh Vivah

It is a ritual / Parihar puja to eliminate Manglik Dosh perform for individuals trying to do away with Manglik Dosha / Kuja Dosha in their Kundli, wherein a union ceremony is going to be conducted for you using a Clay Pot full of water Kumbh or Kumbha is a Sanskrit term, meaning Clay Pot or Clay Pottery to fill water and Vivah signifies union. Kumbh Vivah signifies Marriage Ceremony using a Clay Pot. Completing this Ritual signifies your 1st union is complete and this can eliminate Manglik Dosh out of the Kundli making method for your Successful Actual Marriage.

Why Use Clay Pot: exactly like a water-filled Gold, Silver, Copper or Clay Kalash can be employed in Homa’s / Yagya’s into Avahan Lords and Devi / Deva’s to the Kalash’s water, the Kalash is deemed living and seen with the deity and afterward Homa the water out of the Kalash is sprinkled on all who attended the Homa as sacred water, likewise, a brand-new clay pot full of clean water is supposed living by Lord Mangal Graha as a Bride / Groom, the clay pot is adorned as a bride or a groom for your wedding ceremony and after finishing the ceremony that the Clay Pot is busted by ditching it onto a stone, meaning your newlywed bride/groom is lifeless and which makes you a widow/widower. Hence Lord Mangal Graha eliminates the Manglik Dosh out of your Kundli following the clay pot is broken up article Kumbh Vivah and your route is cleared to your Actual Marriage

Why don’t you utilize Vishnu, Krishna Statue / / Peepal / / Banana Tree for such Parihara / Vivah don’t suggest these choices because figurines are awakened for your Puja, you may need to look after it using routine Puja forever, maybe fresh dosha’s occur and trees are residing naturally — in the two situations you’d have two alive partners following the actual union — you would not have the ability to water the tree during your lifetime and don’t propose cutting a tree to get a Parihar Puja, inducing much more dosha’s by damaging the mother character.

Where’s Kumbh Vivah performed? Any Sort of Dosha Parihar / / Nivaran Puja’s Mustn’t be achieved in your home. Temples would be the very best location for these Parihar Puja.

What’s the Price of Kumbh Vivah: It is a Not for Profit Agent and it is quite reasonably priced, price only includes the Rewards / Dakshina of Expert Purohit, Price of Puja Items, Homa / Havan Things, Consultation Fee and Donation towards the temple.

Kumbh Vivah pooja is substantially exactly like a normal wedding pooja. For example if a young woman has a Manglik Dosh afterward she wants to play this out the habit. Everything could resemble the wedding. The young woman should wear a wedding dress and jewelry along with a series.


Ministers have to be welcome to serenade the Mantra’s and end everything up like a real wedding. Afterward on the young woman should alter the clothes, evacuate the series, and that string is tied across the Mud kettle and the pot in the future is suffocate in certain waterways or ponds without letting someone know. When the Ritual is completed the young woman is outside of Manglik Dosh and she’d currently be in a position to happy into the real person and will not be having any additional difficulties after the wedding. Her partner is presently sheltered from her Mangal Dosh.