Important Facts You Need To Know About Juul

Important Facts You Need To Know About Juul

Before you buy JUUL in Australia, it is essential to know some facts about it. JUUL is a trend that is not going to be stopped soon. It is a small device that can be hidden in the palm of the hand or pocket without anyone noticing it. JUUL products can be bought online by adults and it is illegal for children bellow 21 years to buy or use JUUL. Here are some more facts about JUUL.

What is A JUUL?

The word JUUL is pronounced as a jewel. JUUL is an e-cigarette that looks like a flash drive and it can be charged in a computer USB outlet or a USB charger. Once the JUUL is powered, you load it with tiny pods of liquid nicotine. These pods are refillable. JUUL pods are not bigger than a soda can tab. The electronic nicotine comes in appealing flavors such as mango, crème Brulee, and bubble gum.

Popularity of JUUL

JUUL in Australia is very popular and young people have invented their own verb “JUULING” for the act of using JUUL. JUUL is very popular due to peer pressure and marketing. JUUL can be customised with a decal or skin of which there are hundreds in the market. If you like a certain TV show, you can have your JUUL decorated with the theme of that show. This has attracted a lot of young people and most of them don’t use it because they need to but because it feels cool to be associated with this awesome brand.

The best use for JUUL

If you are a user of traditional cigarettes, you can buy JUUL Australia as a way of quitting traditional cigarettes. JUUL is less harmful to human health compared to traditional cigarettes. It doesn’t pollute the environment with harmful smoke and doesn’t darken your teeth.