How to use Google Meet: how to set up, create a meeting, show a presentation

How to use Google Meet
How to use Google Meet

How to download and install Google Meet: step-by-step instructions

To work on Google Meet, you need to have personal or corporate mail on Gmail. If you don’t have one yet, you need to get one.

You can use Google Meet online in a browser or download the application on your phone.

On the computer

There is no separate application for the computer – we use the service in online mode in one of two ways:

  • We go into our mail on Gmail, the Meet tab is set by default in the left panel – click “Start meeting” to start your conference or “Go to meeting” to become a member of someone else’s. After that, we are transferred to the service website.
  • Or we go directly to the service’s website using the direct link and click “Start Meeting”.

PS Google Meet does not work with all browsers – only with Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

To phone

We find the official app. For Android – in Google Play, for iPhone – in the Apple Store and click “Install.” Install like any other application.

Open, skip the welcome windows (everywhere click “Next”).

The application immediately connects to Gmail mail, that is, you do not need to enter mail/password. In the application, you can turn off / on the microphone and camera, go into other people’s meetings – for this, click on “Meeting Code” and enter the code that the conference author sent to us. To start your conference, click “New meeting”.

We briefly list the functionality of the mobile application – each function is described in more detail below in the section “How to use Google Meet for work”:

  • switching the camera from front to normal;
  • subtitles
  • screen display;
  • turn on / off the microphone;
  • list of participants;
  • Chat

Also in the application, you can view completed meetings. The application has fewer functions than the online version.

Why you should use Google Meet:

  • the service is free;
  • can be used online or through a mobile application;
  • unlimited number of meetings;
  • conferences lasting up to 1 hour with a capacity of up to 100 people;
  • there is an extended functionality for corporate clients, organizations and educational institutions (paid tariff);
  • automatic subtitles (so far only English is supported);
  • encryption during data transfer and standby;
  • can sync with google calendar.
How to use Google Meet to work
How to use Google Meet to work

How to use Google Meet to work

We describe the main functionality of the service in the web version.

How to create a meeting

After we clicked “Start Meeting” on the Google Meet website, a preliminary settings window starts, where you need to allow the site access to the camera and microphone. If you click “Skip”, then a permission request will appear at the start of each meeting. If you click “Block”, then at the conference your camera and microphone will not work. We advise you to click “Allow”, in the future it will be possible to turn on / off the camera and microphone already in the conference itself.

You can continue the settings, for example, leave the microphone on, and turn off the camera for the duration of the conference. A link to the meeting immediately appears on the right, which you can copy and send to the participants. When the presets are completed, click “Join.”

PS If you are not authorized in Gmail, then first the service will offer to log in with your username and password, if you are authorized, the settings window will immediately open.

Sending invitations

After we clicked “Join” and started the conference, a window appears where the link to the invitation is displayed again. To copy it, click “Copy data.”

You can immediately add participants from the address book, for this, click “Add” and select addresses from the drop-down list or register them manually.

If you suddenly lost or did not save the link to the invitation, it can be found in the “Meeting Information” section. You can also find attachments from Google Calendar right there if you synced Google Meet with Google Calendar.

How to join someone else’s meeting

If the invitation is sent through Google Meet, then the participant will receive such an invitation in the mail, you need to click on the “Join” button

If you just sent a link, a window for presetting the camera and microphone appears, there we also click “Join”.

So that you can get to the meeting, you need to wait for confirmation from the initiator of the meeting – he will receive such a notification, and he will allow or deny access. This is a great feature, it protects the meeting participants from unauthorized access by third parties.

How to turn on the microphone and camera

During the conference, you may need to turn on / off the microphone and camera. For example, you give the floor to another participant in the conference, he must turn on his microphone, and you can turn off your own. It is better than the microphone is always turned on only by the person who is speaking, otherwise, there will be extraneous noise, and this will interfere with the conference. To switch the microphone and camera, you just need to click on the corresponding icon on the bottom panel. If the icon is white, the device works, if the red one is crossed out, then it is disabled.

How to make a screen demonstration

You can show your desktop, browser tab, or selection. Participants will see everything that you do – this is how you can do a program review, show sites, tutorials. This feature is also suitable for presentations, for example, you can make a presentation in advance in Google Slides or PowerPoint, open it during a meeting and switch the screen to the presentation.

In order to switch to the desktop or the selected area, click on the bottom panel “Show on the main screen” and then choose what to show.

Members and Chat

By default, the number of participants is displayed in the upper right corner of the conference.

If you click on the icon with the little men, a side panel opens with a list of participants. The meeting author can manage the participants, for example, pin a specific participant to the main screen (button icon), disconnect the microphone from another participant (microphone icon), or remove him from the meeting (stop sign).

To the right of the column with participants, there is a chat icon, all conference participants can correspond in it.


Click on 3 points in the lower right corner, then “Settings”. Here you can change the camera and microphone. For example, your laptop’s internal camera is connected by default, and you want to switch to an external one. Here you can also change the resolution of the video so that you can be better seen or to save a good quality recording – the “Video” tab.

Full-screen mode

It helps not to be distracted from the meeting and stretch the conference window to full screen. Click on 3 points, then on the corresponding button.


You can change the layout of the conference window. By default, you see yourself or another member. You can make a “Mosaic” layout with all the participants or the “Side panel” when you are in the center and the rest of the participants are on the side. To adjust the layout, click 3 points – the layout and then select the desired one.


Google Meet has a subtitle function, if you enable it, everything that you say in a voice will be duplicated as text. A useful feature, it will help if someone has problems with the sound or someone reads the text more easily than voice communication. True, so far the function accepts only English.

To enable the function, click on 3 points – “Enable subtitles”. If they are no longer needed, we also go through 3 points and click “Turn off subtitles.”

How to record

Meeting recording is available for the G Suite Enterprise Essentials paid business plan. With it, in the settings panel (3 points), another button “Record appointment” appears.

Google Meet is good because the created record is automatically saved in the cloud Google Drive, that is, it does not have to be stored on a computer or flash drive. The record can then be posted on another resource, for example, on YouTube, or simply give a link to access to other participants who could not attend the meeting.

How to show saved record to other people

You need to select the saved record in Google Drive and open access by the link – “Copy the shared link”.

How to end/leave a conference

To end your conference or leave someone else’s, just click on the red handset on the bottom panel between the microphone and camera icons.

A window will appear that you have left the meeting. You can go to the main page of the service or return to the conference, for example, if you accidentally clicked on the exit.

The screen shows who left the meeting so that quietly will not work.


Google Meet is a handy online meeting tool. It is not inferior to Zoom, but in some ways even more convenient – you do not need to download the application on a PC (everything is in the cloud), you do not need to create a separate account (you only need mail on Gmail), there is synchronization with Google Calendar.

There are a few disadvantages, but they still exist – you can record a conference only at a paid rate. But this is not such a serious problem, you can use the screen capture program. And you still can’t see how long the meeting lasts – the clock in the upper right corner shows the current time, not the duration of the conference, it’s not very convenient. But the advantages of the service overlap these shortcomings.