Fun things to do if you are celebrating Diwali alone

Fun things to do if you are celebrating Diwali alone
Fun things to do if you are celebrating Diwali alone

Diwali is one festival which excites everyone. The festival of lights makes everything positive and happier. But only if you are celebrating with friends and family. Unfortunately, not everyone can make it to their hometown to celebrate with their families. Jobs and other restrictions can prevent a lot of people from this.

However, this should never dither you from celebrating Deepavali in its full glory. If you are alone in your house and unable to go to your home-town, you can still have a memorable Diwali. You only need to keep your spirits high and perform rituals and traditions associated with this festival to make sure it is one of the best ones.

Here are a few ideas that can aid you in celebrating fun and memorable Diwali even if you are alone.

1. Light it up

Just because you are alone, doesn’t mean your place cannot look bright and happy. Fairy lights can be your friends and help you get in a festive mode. Buy some string lights or curtain lights in Diya shape or stars and hang them in your house or apartment.

The festival feel will make you excited about Diwali, and it lights up the house well enough for taking selfies.

2. Create greeting cards

Take the day off on Diwali and use it to create online Diwali greeting cards for the family using a tool like Canva. It will keep you busy, and this way, you will be able to wish your family and friends a personal message.

Creating online cards is simple, and creative too as you have tons of things to work with. From numerous varieties of background to fonts to the option of adding personal music or images, it can be a lot of fun activity that you can undertake.

 3. Mingle with your neighbours

Most of us do not mingle with our neighbours a lot. But during Diwali, you should go and meet with them. It is better than staying alone at home brooding about Diwali scenes in your home town. Do not be shy, bring some sweets you have or walk up to them and wish them a happy Diwali. The conversation will start flowing after that. The only thing you have to do is give it a chance.

 4. Host a small party

Celebrating Diwali with family is incomparable. But if you still have some friends in your city who are also celebrating alone, then do something together. Host a small party with your friends at your house and play cards, eat sweets, take photos, and just enjoy each other’s company.

It will be a fun experience to celebrate this day with the family that you chose!

5. Take part in some event

A lot of events happen on the day of Diwali either through the means of fairs or in resorts. Try to find something that you like and do it.

6. Book a one-day trip

On the day of Diwali, you will have a holiday. So, book a room in a resort or hotel and enjoy their festive meals and events. It is a great way to meet new people and not worry about making or doing anything.

7. Perform puja

Just because you are alone, doesn’t mean that you can forego traditions and rituals that we associate with Diwali. Therefore, gather everything that you need for puja and perform a small one. Make rangoli, prepare some home-made prasad, and wear new clothes.

 8. Make festive dishes

Whatever you like, puri or kachori or anything, do not keep yourself away from Diwali. It is best to cook the festive meal yourself as it gives you something to do as well. Also, the happiness you feel after cooking and eating a lavish meal by yourself is unbeatable.

But if you do not want to cook, get festive meals to deliver at your home.

 9. Chill

You do not have to go to great lengths to make Diwali exciting when you are alone. It is about being happy and if that is all about relaxing and watching Netflix, do that. Just do the puja and cook something festive. The rest of the time, enjoy a hydrating face mask or so.

Being alone is not the end! Enjoy your company and come up with innovative ideas to make Diwali a fun affair for yourself.

 Happy Diwali! Be safe and do not forget to spread smiles by being kind and thoughtful towards others