Common Local SEO Mistakes That Aussie Businesses And Marketers Should Avoid

Local SEO Mistakes

Local SEO Sydney agencies in Australia are crucial if your business targets customers in the areas its services or products are based in. however, there are some common mistakes that marketers make. Without further ado, let us go straight into the common local SEO mistakes that businesses make and how to avoid them.

Using your business name with keywords

While using keywords in your business name used to work back then, it doesn’t work anymore. Nowadays, Google doesn’t like keyword stuffing and that is why Google’s terms of services don’t encourage it. Once Google figures out that your business name is stuffed with the keywords, you will lose your ranking fast.

The best approach is to improve your search engine rankings and maintain your top position. You should, therefore, avoid stuffing keywords to get higher rankings. It will affect your business. if you had used keyword stuffing before and gained positive results, you should tell your SEO agency Sydney in Australia to go through your old content and edit it to suit Google’s terms.

Duplicate listings

Some people think that having more than one business listings will give them more traffic. It may also be possible that you created more than one listings for your business without knowing. The issue is that you cannot let such mistakes slip by because it can have negative effects on your ranking. Duplicate listings leave your audience confused. They end up trying to figure out the listings that belong to your real business.

To avoid this local SEO Sydney mistake in Australia, you should ensure that you do not have any duplicate business listings for your business. You should also ensure that the address, name, and phone number details that you use for your listings are the same. This will ensure consistency and give your business credibility. Lack of proper contact information can also harm your SEO progress.